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July 4 Celebration—Downtown Brevard 

July 16—LDC Garage Tour and Vineyard Visit

July 16—GSMR Garage Tour, Tom Loftfield and Friends

July 19—GSMR/LDC Presentation of Show proceeds to BRCC

July 19—GSMR Happy Time Meeting at Pop’s Diner

July 23—GSMR Cruise to Parker-Binns Vineyard 


Looking ahead: Upcoming events pgs. 15-16-17

August, 2022





Members of GSMR/LDC only, 

got something for sale?  Car?  Parts? 


Send a description of what you have, in 



with subject “GSMR SALE ITEM”

And we’ll put it in the next newsletter.


Know of someone under the weather?  Going in for surgery or passed away?  Send information to our Sunshine Lady, Yvonne Jacobs at and we’ll post it here. 


“Just want to let you knowtime I sent Diane Rogers a card she always sends a thank you note.She mentioned the surgery was a success and healing is going well. she misses her Dad and the club friends.” —The Sunshine Lady 


It is with great sadness to inform everyone of the passing of Ron Albrecht. Ron was a dear member who many referred to as “Studebaker Ron”. He will be missed.


Do you have fond memories of that first ride?  Photos?  Everyone has a first car, so tell us about yours in 200 words or less so we can put you in the spotlight.  Oh, and include a picture or two. Send it all to:  Aka Jim Mitchell.


GSMR President: David Parker, 904-553-7060

Vice President: Mike Mucci 828-883-4770

Secretary: Diane Rogers

Treasurer: Colleen Mangeot, 513-490-1461 

Board Members: Steve Nordt 732-233-4129; 

Tom Furey 828-894-8898; 

Hulon McCraw 828-606-2918; Keith Fisher 352-598-2467 

Membership:  Kim LaRowe 828-7792378

Webmaster: Ralph Griffith

LDC President: Dave Chauncy 828-657-5269

Vice President: Fran Luczak 

Treasurer: Tom Furey, 828-817-0536

Secretary: Sam Farance 828-980-1184

Club Merchandise: Lee Davis, 828-245-5943

Membership:& Museum Gary Barnett, 828-223-0002

Museum Rob Mitchell 815-441-2077

Editor: Mike Mucci:      Assoc. Editor: Jim Mitchell—770-883-2316

Newsletter of the Great Smoky Mountains Region and Little Detroit Chapter

of the Antique Automobile Club of America




All the activities that take place this time of year point to the fact that our area has a lot of active car clubs.  GSMR/LDC as an AACA Region, covers greater Hendersonville to greater Forest City; Carolina Mountains Club focuses on Henderson County and surroundings; Transylvania Cruisers is active in Brevard and Transylvania.  We all share a common interest and enjoy each others’ company.  Since members of each club often participate in the others’ activities, we try to include surrounding activities in our coverage.  July was no exception with TCCC’s big 4th event in downtown Brevard, LDC’s Garage and Vineyard Tour and of course, GSMR’s shows and meetings.


Enjoy reading about them…and keep on rolling on.


—Mike Mucci, Editor

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August Summary Schedule


Friday, August 5—CMCC Music on Main 4-8:30 PM

Downtown Hendersonville—Members $5; Others $10.  Park along curb


Saturday August 6—Cars & Coffee at the Dixie Diner, Laurel Park

Enjoy breakfast starting at 7:30 with old car camaraderie.


Saturday, August 6—All Ford Show

North Carolina Transportation Museum—


Friday, August 12—CMCC Music on Main 4-8:30 PM

Downtown Hendersonville—Members $5; Others $10.  Park along curb


Tuesday, August 16—GSMR Meeting

Dinner 6PM; Meeting 7PM—1898 Waverly Inn, Downtown Hendersonville


Wednesday, August 17—Transylvania Cruisers Meeting

6PM, Mills River Restaurant


Friday, August 19—CMCC Music on Main 4-8:30 PM

Downtown Hendersonville—Members $5; Others $10.  Park along curb


Saturday, August 20—TCCC Cruise-in, 4-8 PM

Cardinal Drive-in, Brevard — $10 per car registration


Thursday, August 25, 6PM—LDC Meeting

The Chow Hound Restaurant, 126 Park Lane Dr. Rutherfordton


Saturday September 3—Cars & Coffee at the Dixie Diner, Laurel Park

Enjoy breakfast starting at 7:30 with old car camaraderie.


Saturday, September 3—TCCC Cruise-in, 4-8 PM

Cardinal Drive-in, Brevard — $10 per car registration


(see additional schedule pgs. 18 and 19)

Classic auto accessories and garage décor

Vintage suitcases, beverage coolers, camping equipment and more for displaying in your classic car or garage.  For more information or to schedule and appointment, 

call David Parker at 904-553-7060.


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Mike & Jim

I am forgoing the usual “Prez Sez” commentary this month. We’ve had several enjoyable events this past month which you can read about on the following pages. I mainly want to express my heartfelt sadness at the passing of one of our members, Ron Albrecht. I did not know him well but found him to be a kind and gracious man. “Studebaker Ron” will be missed by us all.

David Parker 

GSMR President

GSMR Meeting

Tuesday, August 16

6 PM Dinner; 7 PM Meeting

1898 Waverly Inn

783 N. Main, Hendersonville

1941 Buick Special, 6-passenger coupe.

Selling due to health.  Mostly original 81,XXX miles.  Licensed, runs good. 

 Radio & clock not working.

$22K.  Stuart Denison, 828-483-6265.




(Answer later in the newsletter.)

In what year was a V-8 engine first offered in Chevrolet automobiles?







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Bruce Wood

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Still More

Additional August Schedule Notes From LDC

It was a beautiflul—and warm—Saturday, July 23rd as we gathered in the Ingles parking lot at Spartanburg Hwy. and Upward Road.  


We left for Parker-Binns at 10am to arrive at 11, where we were joined by several LDC members already parked.  


Our fascinating tour of the grounds and distilling facility, conducted by Corey Lillberg, grandson of the founder, and attended by canine supervisor, Lulu, gave us great insight into cultivating grapes for just the right flavor, processing them into fine aged wine and preparing the finished product for bottling and shipping. 


After the tour, we returned to the spacious dining area where we were greeted for lunch. Menu selections were varied and plentiful, made even more enjoyable by our servers, (L to R) Kristen Ruth, Kelly Binns and Karen Blanton. 


All-in-all it was a very enjoyable day that warranted a return visit at grape 

harvesting time!

Pop’s Diner, normally a breakfast/lunch place, hosted our dinner meeting with great fare, and super service.  Although our typical afternoon rain held back most of our vintage rides, a few period costumes lent a bit of nostalgia—most notably Pres. David with his Amoco uniform and Chuck Crane in his Shell Oil attire complete with authentic belt-mounted coin changer.  Chuck took the prize, by the way, for best costume.


Our Lucky Dog speaker this month, Ed Rivais gave an amusing talk about his Maxwell adventures.  Soon we’ll see what our Lucky Dog Winner and new member Jane Opliger has to tell us.  So stay tuned for that exciting story at an upcoming meeting.

Several GSMR club members were represented at Brevard’s Transylvania Cruisers 4th of July show, including GSMR past president Keith Fisher with his grandson-in-law, Paul Stalnaker (center) and Great grandkids, Chloe and Timothy.  Our editor also snuck in his Challenger carrying its colors.

Cheryl Cohen and Frank 

Kimchick, posing with Pete Leonard’s ‘29 Chevy at the 

June 25th Gala fund-raiser 

to support Pardee Hospital.

We received the following note from member Pete Leonard, who has been actively showing his 1929 Chevy 3-window coupe lately.  We’ll let him described what recently took place:


“At the BRCC car show in June, I was approached by a woman from Pardee Hospital who explained that they were having a Gala 1920s fundraiser to support the hospital.  She was interested in my ‘29 Chevrolet and asked me if I would be willing to bring it to the BRCC Tech Center for the Gala on June 25th.  Of course, I was eager to show off my car and to see people in period attire, so I agreed.


They had me back my car to the entrance door which was made to look like a speakeasy.  It seemed like well over a hundred couples filed in and most of them posed in front of the Chevy for pictures.  I had fun and they seemed very appreciative.


Attached photo of Frank Kimchick and Cheryl Cohen, Gala organizer and board member of Pardee Hospital Foundation…


Thanks, Pete Leonard.”


Note: The Couple presented a $50 donation from the 

Pardee Hospital Foundation to pass along to the club 

in appreciation.

Photos and story: Gary Barnett 


 Mike and Mandi Block arranged a great tour for the LDC Chapter July 16. We started with 

meeting for Cars & Coffee in Rutherfordton. Don L. was to lead the group to Mike 

and Mandi’s for a garage tour, but a wrong turn made for an exciting start.

  A quick U turn and the group arrives to look over their Corvette garage and many other 

projects on the Block estate.

  It was time to head to Landrum for lunch at the Stone Soup Restaurant.  Following the 

Model A down the country roads was a pleasure, hitting some road construction (loose 

gravel) was a few tense moments for Miles & Susan in their fenderless roadster. The 

restaurant did a great job getting us served considering we had 24 members on tour.

  From lunch we continued to Over the Mountain Winery. What a spectacular place. Wine

tasting available, and great views from the patio brought a fantastic end of the day.  

  Oh yes, we can’t leave this out. While departing the parking lot Sam got the Mustang

stuck in loose gravel and it took four people to push it free!  

  Thanks Mike and Mandi for sharing your house and garage.

Virtually all of Blue Ridge Community College’s Automotive Tech class was clustered around their AMC Javelin restoration project July 19, for the presentation of the $3,409 proceeds from the big June 4 auto show on campus. The show, hosted by our Great Smoky Mountains Region with the Little Detroit Chapter, AACA, brought a record 207 antique and special interest vehicles on a bright sunny Carolina day.  In photo at right, GSMR President David Parker is joined by Board Member, Hulon McCraw in presenting the check to Auto Tech instructor, Brian Johnson.  Also present were GSMR Membership Chair, Kim LaRowe and wife, Paula (left of center in picture at left). GSMR VP Mike Mucci and BRCC Dean, Joe Shook, were also present (not pictured).

My first Car — Michael Morgan


My father was stationed with the Air Force at Andrews AFB, MD when I turned 16 (Sept. 1970) and got my driver’s license.  I was set to start working at the Base Exchange and was needing a car of my own…mom’s old Datsun wasn’t cutting it.


After bugging dad for weeks he finally decided to take me up to the Base Credit Union one Saturday morning to see what was available in the lemon lot.  That was where GIs who were being reassigned or retiring could park their cars for sale over the weekend.


I could see myself in a sporty two-door that I could soup up with some Crager mags and nice tires.  Looking around, dad saw this 1965 Ford Fairlane 4-dr and said, “this is the car for you!”  I protested that a 4-dr was lame and none of my friends or girls would be caught dead in it.  “Even better!” said dad.


Dad bought the car for $500 which I paid back at $50 a month.  Mom and dad carried me on their insurance but I was responsible for gas and maintenance.


I joined the Air Force in Aug. 1972 and returned home for Christmas after Boot Camp and Tech School.  I had left the Fairlane with mom and dad planning to drive it to my first assignment, McConnell AFB, KS.


Arriving home I noticed my car was gone.  I just knew my brother was out hot-dogging it which I had asked dad not to let him do.  Once in the house I noticed my brother there with the rest of my family. I asked dad where was my car. “Oh, I sold it.” 


“It needed some engine work and the rear quarter panels were showing signs of rust so I thought it would be best for you to start fresh at your new base.


“I sold it for $700” he said as he held out seven one-hundred dollar bills.  That was three months pay at the time and I decided maybe dad had made the right decision.

Chuck Crane, Board member Hulon McCraw, President David Parker.

Colleen with this month’s Lucky Dog winning ticket presented to new member, Jane Opliger.

Many thanks to the ladies who served us(Kim and Pop’s owner, Madison) who did a fantastic job keeping us  happy.


Our latest double garage tour—July 16 (incidentally simultaneous with LDC’s Garage/Winery Tour!)— placed us in the hills of Transylvania near Brevard.  First was Tom Loftfield’s place, featuring Ford 

Model Ts and early Buicks up on Sugarloaf Hill.  Then on to Tom’s friend, Max Larson at Hondah Hill, where we were treated to a variety of As, Ts and many others pictured. We’ll start our review at Tom’s; then on to Max’s.  We’ll have more on Tom’s addiction to de-greasing solvents next month, but first here’s his garage, followed by Max’s on the next page.

The Chevrolet Series D is an American automobile produced by Chevrolet between 1917 and 1918. Over 4,000 Series D cars were manufactured in the 1918 model year, and it was the first Chevrolet car with a V8 engine. 


Answer: B. 1918






Past GSMR President Keith Fisher shared this image of wife Helga’s mother tending to her husband’s auto dealership in Hagan, Germany while hubby was off to war in its early stages.  


The car is a ‘38 or ‘39 Fiat Topolino (aka 500), coveted basic transportation in those years 

with a frugal 13 hp 

4-cyl water-cooled 


                    Fiat Topolino

It was a long day 

for Lulu.

President David’s wrap-up…


It was a hot July 23rd, but a cool place for a tour at Parker-Binns Vineyard in Mill Springs.  Cory Lillberg was a great host and the staff was super, which included his mother and grandmother.  This is a family-owned business spanning 3 generations.  Their passion for wine making and hospitality, along with the beautiful setting made for a fun tour.

Photos: Mike Mucci, David Parker


            DATETIME & LOCATION       EVENT


NC Transportation Museum

1 Samuel Spencer Dr.

Spencer, NC 28159

All Ford Show-Open to all Fords & Ford Orphans. The largest of the Museum’s Car Shows.


To register:

Dick Goho



SUNDAY AUGUST 71-4 PM Columbus, NCCruise-In Downtown



NC Transportation Museum

1 Samuel Spencer Dr.

Spencer, NC 28159

GM vehicle owners take the spotlight with an awesome collection of Chevys, Buicks, GMCs, & Cadillacs.


To register:

Dick Goho



      FRIDAY AUGUST 195:30 PMDowntown RutherfordtonMeeting at old Fred’s Department Store Parking lot{This takes the place of the monthly Cars & Coffee}Travel together to the Hot Nights Cool Rides Cruise-In Forest City NCLeaving @ 5:40 PM
AUGUST 20AM- 10:30 PForest City, NC

th Annual Hot Nights Cool Rides Car Show & Movie

Early Registration:

Friday, August 19 (2-8 PM)

Saturday, August 20

(9 AM-12 PM)

108 East Main St. @ Main St. Meetings (both days)

Cost: $30 including Commemorative T-Shirt

After trophy ceremony, enjoy dinner downtown, then head over to POPS for the free movie: Herbie The Love Bug @ 8 PM

SUNDAY AUGUST 211-4 PM Columbus, NCCruise-In Downtown
THURSDAY AUGUST 256 PMDivebomber VintageThe Chow Hound Restaurant126 Park LaneRutherfordton, NC 28139LDC Monthly Meeting
    SATURDAY AUGUST 279 AM-3 PMMt. Pleasant Baptist Church397 Mt. Pleasant Church Rd.Forest City, NC 28043

Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church-

A Church Fund-Raising Event

DJ Johnnie Adkins will be spinning the Oldies and Master of Ceremonies!

$20 Entry Fee

August Schedule Notes From LDC (continued)

Pony Car Stamps to be

Available August 25


The US Post Office ( has announced the issue of five US Pony Car commemorative “Forever” stamps ($ .60 ea.) beginning August 25 (or thereabouts).  You can wait to buy them at the post office or order them online at  


The stamps include: 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302; 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T; 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28; 1967 Mercury Cougar XR-7 GT; and the 1969 AMC Javelin SST.



‘61 IMPERIAL “Rust-Free” Trunk Lid, $300

‘61-’63 IMPERIAL Dash Pad $150

Call 828-215-4846

Anthony Lacaria (LDC)

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Make a note of

The revised AACA

Hershey Show



Tuesday, October 4

Thru Friday, October 7


Late Notice

We just received word that GSMR Board Member Steve Nordt is in the hospital 

recovering from major surgery.  We don’t have any details at the moment, but 

bulletins will be sent out as information is received.