Little Detroit Chapter

Welcome to the Little Detroit Chapter (LDC) of the Great Smoky Mountain Region (GSMR) of the Antique Automobile Club of America!  In December of 2008, The Little Detroit charter was presented and the chapter would form under GSMR.  We cover Rutherford, Polk, McDowell, and Cleveland counties.

LDC was named after Forest City’s history of being a major used car industry.  Cars from northern cities would be brought down to the area for “reconditioning” and be later sold throughout the country.  At one point 3,000 automobiles every week were being reconditioned in Forest City.  The area would host upwards of 300 garages, cleaners, and body shops.  Over 200 dealerships were located in the area as well. 

The Little Detroit Chapter has upwards of 80 members who partake in cruises, local car shows, and national meets.  If you’d like more information or are interested in joining our chapter, contact Gary Barnett at 828-223-0002 or

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Little Detroit Chapter Officers


President: Tom Somerville 410 507-3317

Vice President: Mike Block 770 547-7088

Treasurer: Tom Furey 828 817-0536

Secretary: Valerie Lacaria 827 215-4846

Communications: Sam Farance 828 980-1184

Merchandise: Lee Davis 828 245-5943

Membership: Gary Barnett 828 223-0002

Special Events: Rob Mitchell 815 441-2077

Car Show Coordinator: Johnnie Adkins 828 429-7500

Board of Directors lead: Miles Champion 704 284-1326

Board Member: Fran Luczak 815 482-3314

Board Member: Don Luczak 224 588-2581